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God created human beings to glorify and enjoy Him while thriving in the world He created. However, the entrance of sin into the world has resulted in our suffering and daily struggles. Some of these come from our own choices and some come from other’s choices – most of the time they are a mixture of both. But the truth is that God allows every tough situation to occur to help us to seek Him and His answers.

We are confident that the Bible contains life-changing wisdom to help you handle your struggles. Biblical counselors will compassionately listen and help you discover that the Bible has helpful things to say about you and what you are experiencing. There is no other book or counsel so worthy of our attention as we seek explanations and solutions to all our trials and temptations. Those who put their hope in His Word will never be ashamed.

Upstate Biblical Counseling is pleased to offer the option of virtual counseling. We use a secure video feature that operates through our counseling management software. This feature has been successfully utilized for several months now by those who have health concerns or need more flexibility due to their schedule. Contact us if you would like more information about this feature.

Many pastors and church members desire to help counsel their friends and family through difficult circumstances. However, many are intimidated or do not know where to begin. In light of Romans 15:14, maturing believers have goodness and knowledge to counsel others. We want to help mobilize the body of Christ to counsel well and better meet the needs of the church and community. We are excited to provide a wide variety of training to equip church groups and individuals. Please contact us for more information.

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Upstate Biblical Counseling is a branch location affiliated with Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center.